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 “Someone’s is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” The quote beautifully describes our beliefs and objectives when we talk about the thoughtfully designed initiative ‘Adopt a Student’ (AaS).

The average literacy rate in India stands at 77.7% in 2020 according to National Statistical Office (NSO). No doubt the literacy rate has shown impressive improvements in the recent years but misfortune lags behind. Even today like before, there will be many who will drop out from school or higher education due to some or the other reason. Some may drop out because earning bread and butter has become a costly affair, some because of poverty, some may drop out to extend a helping hand to support their family, and unfortunately some may just pull back a girl child from the educational landscape to shoulder the burden of household responsibilities. Why does this setback always take a front seat? Why is a girl child always driven behind?  Why are we not able to shed the darkness of ignorance despite the rising literacy rate?

‘Poverty, Ignorance, and Dominance’ are the key concerns. It’s now time for action! We cannot eradicate poverty completely but ignorance and dominance we can work upon. Let’s plant a tree of knowledge, let’s give every girl child their right to education! Let’s pledge to raise the literacy rate to 100%, rather raise the education rate to 100%. Together, we certainly can. Together let’s raise the bar of education and stand a pillar of financial support for all the underprivileged and deprived students especially girls who can prove to be the foundation of a stronger community and economy. So, here we are to give strengthen the roots of the knowledge tree with financial aid so that the future of our nation stays secure under the shade of education.

At this crossroad, AaS program by SGRKF works as a channel between students and patrons to disseminate education to anyone and everyone who want to study but fail to have a financial backing. We are connected to various individuals and multinational companies aspiring to sponsor a candidate for education. From school education to professional education, a candidate can enroll for any level, any course irrespective of caste and creed. However, an informal interview will be conducted to adjudge the aptitude of the candidates, their interests and career aspirations.

For the list of educational institutes partnering our vision of fulfilling the dreams of deserving underprivileged students, View Here.