Frequently Asked Questions

What is student adoption?

Student adoption means taking the sole responsibility of a student to fulfill his or her educational needs. 

Who can be adopted?

Any deserving student from NGO, rural areas, or underprivileged families can be adopted. 

Who can adopt?

Any individual or industries with CSR can adopt a student.

What is the responsibility towards the student?

The responsibility towards student is to fill the financial gap that interrupts the education of a child, paving way for personal development and professional success. 

What is the budget?

The budget for sponsorship the tuition fees of the chosen course.

What are the schools and institutes that work for this concept?

We have a comprehensive range of schools, colleges, and educational institutes in our panel offering primary education, secondary education, post-graduation courses, and professional certifications. 

How you decide the institute for the student?

We scrutinize the student based on the background, aptitude, educational requirements, and career goals. Based on the same understanding, we place the student in the most appropriate educational institute.

What are the eligibility criteria for the student?

The eligibility criteria include:

  • ·         A satisfactory background

  • ·         An optimum level of aptitude

  • ·         Having some educational desires or aspirations

How donor can connect with the concept?

An individual or company can connect with the concept by taking and confirming the decision to sponsor a child’s education. 

What is the process of adoption?

Students can either apply for sponsorship or there is a selection based on the surveys we do and references we receive. On the end of donor, the individual or industry needs to connect with us to express interest in adopting a child’s education. Once the donor is confirmed, we scrutinize the background, aptitude, and career aspirations of the student. Based on that understanding, we allot the student to an appropriate course and institute. 

Will the donor receive updates about the student performance and development?

Yes, the institute where the student is positioned holds the responsibility to give all the updates of the donor concerning student performance, attendance, and development. The donor can access the same information when he logs into his or her account on our portal. 

Can a donor contact the student?

Yes, a donor can contact the student through his or her account on our portal.