Adopt a Student - Supporting the Core Foundation of Education

Helping Disadvantaged Students Achieve Their Academic Dreams


Deeper Insight into Our Soul

AaS- Adopt a Student is a program which gives hope to the deserving students to fulfil their education needs 

  • Serving as an Influential Catalyst between Disadvantaged Students and Patrons

    Intending to bring about the miraculous inter-generational change in the society, SGRKF acts as an influential catalyst through its program AaS

  • Role of Aas towards Donor

    You sponsor a child, and you will get the entire information about the student including academic performance, attendance reports, background profile, and medical concerns through the portal

  • Role of AaS towards Students

    Scrutinization of student takes place for profile authentication, background check, and aptitude check to place the student in the most appropriate institute, from primary to professional education 


Institutes on Panel


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Students Helped Till Date


Courses that Define Our Existence

The current literacy rate in India is 77.7%. There is a tremendous improvement but the increasing number of dropouts, approx. 30% is also on the rise. Standing against the flow of increasing dropouts, we have a wide spectrum of courses available on our panel.

Primary Education

Take small cuddly steps to formal education that builds the foundation of cognitive, emotional, social, cultural and physical development.

Secondary Education

Take initiatives to acquire knowledge, skills, and values required on the path to personal satisfaction and professional success.


Take thoughtful steps in the respective field to polish your knowledge and skills required for successful and fulfilling careers.

Technology Competencies

Embrace technological skills, expertise, and competencies that have become the backbone of the 21st-century business world 

Agriculture Education

Discover your inner potential and wide range of career avenues available in the growing and developing agriculture market 

Engineering Courses 

Dig into diverse technological trends and developments to create magic with science and build a brighter nation 


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